We strive to maintain an accurate list of all of our beers that are currently on tap in the tasting room.  Some styles may not be available, if you have a preference please call ahead to make sure we have your favorite on-tap.

Confused Belgian

ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 25

Our Confused Belgian got deliciously lost somewhere between a Dubbel and a Tripel. Its light copper color is reminiscent of a Dubbel, but it’s high abv is typical of Tripels. Fruity esters complement a warm spice flavor characteristic of both styles. The high alcohol content is subtle in this smooth, dry ale–have too many and you just might get confused!

Blunderbuss Blonde

King Gorm's Gotlandsdricka 003ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 25
Like its namesake, the 17th century pirate’s weapon of choice, our Blunderbuss Belgian Blonde is elegant in design but packs a punch. We added Belgian Wheat and Belgian Pilsner malts to give this beer extra body with a finish reminiscent of bread and biscuits. Keeping in line with authentic Belgian style, we coupled European Golding hops with Trappist style yeast. Finally, we fermented this beer at a slightly colder temperature to highlight the banana aroma and flavor while minimizing notes of clove and bubblegum. Try a goblet today–you’ll be blown away!


Sirin Pale Ale

Sirin 150x150ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 39
Sirin: a mythological creature, half woman, half bird, notorious for luring mortals to their deaths with her seductive, enchanting song. Despite this, the Sirin is also a sign of eternal happiness. Our Sirin Pale Ale leans towards this latter definition, although its seductively bitter drinkability will certainly lure you back for more. The addition of pilsner malts to the mainly 2-Row malt profile gives this hoppy pale a crisp, dry body. Chinook and Nugget hops lend it an herbal, piney flavor and aroma. Try a pint today, you just might find eternal happiness.

Barrel Harbor Brown Ale

Brown AleABV: 5.0%
IBU: 26
2014 Silver Medal Winner at the CA State Fair Craft Beer Competition, as well as 2014 and 2016 Bronze Medal Winner at the San Diego International Beer Festival! Our English Brown Ale is made with American Honey malt, crystal malts, and darker chocolate malts. The addition of Golding Hops and a British yeast results in a well-balanced beer that’s drinkable yet robust in flavor, with nutty characteristics. Brown Ales are an often neglected style, but once you try our full-bodied Brown, you’ll likely stop overlooking this classic style.


Little Nugget I.P.A.

IPAABV: 7.4%
IBU: 69

An American IPA with a surprisingly bold, malty body, Little Nugget is made with Ahtanum hops and–you guessed it–a little bit of Nugget hops. Pale, Crystal and Munich malts give this brew a golden orange hue. Balance is key and this IPA is no exception, with alcohol heat and assertive hops softened by a biscuity, malty backbone.

Fenris I.P.A.

Fenris 005ABV: 7.3%
IBU: 70

In Norse mythology, Fenris is a terrifying and mighty wolf, prophesied by the Gods to devour the world during the apocalypse. In the meantime, you can devour our very own Fenris IPA, a tropical West Coast style IPA that lives up to its mighty namesake. Fenris pours a deep golden hue, and is hopped with Mosaic and Nugget hops, which impart notes of pineapple, mango, peach, and grapefruit. Try one today–it’s sure to make you howl!

Barrel Harbor Black I.P.A.


ABV: 7.6%
IBU: 71
Our Black IPA is made using three specialty malts: Victory malt, Crystal 60 and Midnight Wheat. The Midnight Wheat leaves the beer as black as night but with only subtle nuances of roasted flavor without the astringency of other dark malts leaving it with a smooth body and creamy light brown head. It’s like liquid chocolate! Hopped with Citra and Simcoe, this IPA has grapefruit and pine notes and a very desirable aroma and just might be your new favorite in the Harbor.


Sir Frankie D’s Imperial I.P.A.

IBU: 85
Sir Frankie D’s DIPA is named for the explorer/ knight/ bad-ass pirate and thug of the high seas, Sir Francis Drake.  After a long day of marauding, plundering and general swashbuckling, it’s no doubt Drake would have wound down with a pint of our Sir Frankie D’s DIPA.  Simcoe and Citra hops give this 9.2% brew a tropical bitterness, with a dry mouth-feel and notes of citrus and stone fruit. Sail in to the Harbor today and have a pint of this tasty treasure.  No marauding necessary!

Barrel Harbor Red Ale

REDABV: 5.2%
IBU: 36
Our traditional Irish Red Ale is a smooth, easy-to-drink brew, with mild hop character and subtle roasted malts. This medium bodied beer is lightly hopped with Golding hops to balance out the pleasantly sweet caramel malt finish.

South Island Pilsner

PilsnerABV: 5.2%
IBU: 33

Our South Island Pilsner is brewed using 100% German Pilsner Malt, and is fermented with Czech lager yeast. After hopping throughout the boil with German Noble hops, we give this classic style a tropical twist with the addition of Motueka hops from the South Island of New Zealand. These hops are favored for their distinctive fresh crushed citrus notes, Mojito lime character, and lively lemon tones. Crisp, refreshing, and delicately hopped, our South Island Pilsner is the perfect brew for summer.